We add essential oils that will stimulate senses, condition the skin and have health benefits. We use homemade organic scrubs & lotion to gently remove dry skin, leaving your hands super soft with a healthy glow.


We care about your safety and provide you with peace of mind for a safe, relaxing experience. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art pedicure chairs that have pipe-free whirlpool technology. Our chairs do not have bacteria-carrying pipes. After every pedicure, we thoroughly drain, clean and sanitize the spa basin and its components. This kills harmful bacteria and germs that can cause infection. To further increase proper hygiene, we supply each client with brand new pedicure utensils that are then sterilized and used only on you during your future visits.

Our state-of-the-art pedicure chairs have special comforts such as a plush seat with recline and swivel functions; remote-controlled 3-zone vibration massage with heat for lower back; padded, adjustable armrests; and a padded, 8-position footrest.

In addition to essential oils as well as homemade, organic scrub and lotion to deeply condition and refine the skin leaving them soft and healthy. Not to mention the amazing massage of the feet and legs while you enjoy the beautiful view of Onset Bay.


Do you have the perfect shape for your eyes? We will make sure your eyebrows enhance your facial features and make your eyes pop!