Summer Styling Product Tips

Protect Hair from Fading

Does your hair color change in the summer? Does it get too light or brassy? Then we have a solution for you! Use a color-enhancing shampoo to help preserve your hair color. We can even personalize it just for you and make the perfect treatment for your specific hair color needs.

We love…”Watercolors Color Maintenance Shampoo”

Protect from UV Damage

By using a hairspray with SPF, you’ll get great hold, while at the same time getting a UV protectant for when you step out the door into the summer sun on your way to work or a cook-out, or while running errands. It’s also a great all-over product to protect color-treated hair and highlights.

We love…”Freezing Spray” from Vavoom!

Protect Your Part

If you have a strong part in your hair, you’ll get a sunburn in that area easily. Make sure to move the part around and/or apply a product with sunscreen to the area (NOT a sunscreen for the skin though — that’ll be greasy!). You need a leave-in protector designed especially for the hair and scalp.

We love…”Instant Healthy Hair Treatment” from 12 Benefits!

Protect at the Pool & Beach

Chlorine and salt water have a damaging effect on your hair. So, before you take a dip in the pool or ocean, wet down your hair and generously apply a moisturizing conditioner. Then, as soon as you get out of the water, apply a moisturizing sunscreen. Repeat all day long and your hair will thank you.

We love…”Trauma Treatment” from L’Anza!

Protect Against Dry Hair

The sun, chlorine and salt water all damage the hair cuticle and really dry it out — which causes split ends, frizz and more. To maintain moisture, make sure you use an extra moisturizing deep conditioner or treatment. It will also protect the depth, tone and shine of your hair, and keep it looking beautiful longer.

We love…Biolage and Label.m products!