Pedicure Chair Safety

Your Health Could Be in Danger When You Get a Pedicure…But Not at TarraDean Studio!

The pedicure chair at the salon you choose plays an important role in your health and safety. The problem lies in the pipes and pumps underneath the footbath which gives you the whirlpool effect. You can not see these pipes but they collect dead skin, nails and grime. Even after the basin has been cleaned, all that gunk from previous customers comes out of the pipes and into the water you’re soaking in.

Watch this Health Alert story aired on ABC’s 20/20 about pedicure chair safety:

ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News

Here at TarraDean Studio, we care about your safety and provide you with peace of mind for a safe, relaxing experience:

  • We’ve invested in state-of-the-art pedicure chairs that have pipe-free or pipeless whirlpool technology.
  • Our chairs do not have bacteria-carrying pipes.
  • After every pedicure, we thoroughly drain, clean and sanitize the spa basin and its components. This kills harmful bacteria and germs that can cause infection.
  • To further increase proper hygiene, we supply each client with brand new pedicure utensils that are then sterilized and used only on you during your future visits.


Special comforts in our pedicure chairs:

  • Plush seat with recline and swivel functions
  • Remote-controlled 3-zone vibration massage with heat for lower back
  • Padded, adjustable armrests
  • Padded, 8-position footrest


Pedicure Chair Safety Facts

  • It is impossible to remove all traces of bacteria and debris from a unit with internal pipes.
  • The use of a foot razor is illegal and unsafe at a salon. A foot razor should only be used by a podiatrist.
  • While a footbath that has pipes can be drained and filtrated with a sanitizing solution between pedicures, the unit still will not be 100% sanitary.
  • All pedicure implements should be medically sterilized after each use and should be removed from a sanitizing solution right in front of you before your pedicure. Foot files, nail files, toe separators, orange wood sticks and buffers should be brand new.

When you get your pedicure at TarraDean Studio, you can relax knowing that your pedicure is safe and clean. So sit back and enjoy the beautiful view in our comfortable, reclining, massaging pedicure chairs!