Helpful Tips to Protect Against Humidity

When summer humidity hits…

Did you know that your hair — just like our bodies — is made up of water? So, when there’s humidity in the air, hair structure changes. It can frizz, go flat and become unmanageable. (As if we needed to tell you that!)

Helpful Tips to Ward Off Humidity during the Summer:
  1. For straight and wavy hair: using less product in your hair is better. Use a product with humidity protection that can do it all-in-one — sunscreen, heat protection and styling.
  2. For curly hair: using more product in your hair is better. Use a cream, followed by a gel or mousse, all containing humidity protection. We love Biolage Smooth Proof, for perfectly smooth hair that lasts up to 72 hours (when using the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream)!
  3. Use products with humidity protectant. Check out the the Biolage styling product line, such as gels, mousses, creams and more.
  4. Look at your hairspray ingredients. A hairspray that is water-free will be fast drying and help resist humidity better. We love Biolage Complete Control!
  5. Use a sunscreen on your hair. Ask your stylist which is right for you.
  6. Consider a straightening treatment. Don’t forget about the best protection of them all! A Keratin, straightening or smoothing treatment will ensure you’re frizz-free all summer.