Hair Color


Beautiful blondes will turn heads! The key is to make sure your blonde hair is bright, shiny and healthy — not brassy, dull or damaged. We use high quality lighteners and take extra steps to ensure your blonde hair is healthy, shiny and stands out!


Beautiful brunettes are everywhere — but does yours stand out? Brunettes should not be boring, they should have flecks of other tones and never look flat. With beautiful tones like mocha, caramel, chocolate and more we will make sure your brunette enhances your features, and is healthy, shiny and stands out!


Ravishing reds stand out in a crowd. The right shade of red will turn heads for sure. With so many many shades of red, we will make sure to find the perfect red tone for you. Does your red fade fast? We will share with you all the tips to keep your beautiful red longer and make sure your hair is healthy, shiny and stands out!


Not only can highlights brighten up your skin tone but they also really enhance your haircut. We will make sure your highlights are placed in just the right way to ensure your hair is healthy, shiny and stands out!


Lowlights give your hair dimension and make your haircut come alive. If your hair gets too light or monochromatic, it can wash you out. We will ensure that your hair is the right color to enhance your haircut and skin tone and make sure your hair is healthy, shiny and is breath-taking!


More and more, men are coloring their hair. Many of our male clientele are doing something trendy or coloring their hair just for fun. Looking to blend that gray away and look years younger? The key is for it to look natural! Our experts will make sure it is the right color and looks natural.